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5 Reasons You Fail To Boost Traffic With Seasonal SEO

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Seasonal traffic is the variations in peoples’ interaction with the search engines during the course of the year. These deviations can be as a result of sales pattern, pre-holiday and holiday traffic, literal season’s traffic, and trends, events, and special occasions.

Julia Vashneva, the Senior Customer Success Manager of Semalt, clarifies the reasons for missing out on seasonal traffic and ways of optimizing the situation.

1. You don’t analyze your site’s traffic patterns

Monthly information on rankings, traffic and conversions are important for marketers. Therefore, checking year-over-year traffic statistics to identify repetitive patterns and the behavior of the audience. This will help in understanding the causes of the variations; the type of seasonal traffic you are experiencing.

2. You ignore areas of opportunity

Depending on the existing patterns and overlooking the available possible opportunities makes you miss out on seasonal traffic. Making a list of the seasonal event can be a great breakthrough for this problem. One can proceed to establish alerts on Google calendar for other regional and business events.

3. You are not using seasonal keywords

Search Engine Optimization doesn’t end upon completing your information calendar, unlike many webmasters that skip the search of seasonal keywords. Hence, creating a list of seasonal keywords is a great strategy. This entails the following steps:
  • Looking for seasonal keywords in Google Search Console
  • Brainstorming the terms and checking them in Google Trends
  • Expanding and analyzing keyword ideas using Rank Tracker
4. You create a brand new page for seasonal SEO

Creating another page for your seasonal SEO promotions is not advisable since there is a risk of duplicating content and it is time-consuming. To curb this mistake, it is necessary to optimize the evergreen landing pages.

The following are ways to restore the existing evergreen content to capture the great seasonal traffic
  • Optimizing landing pages for seasonal keywords
  • Updating videos, images, and context: this can be a boost in cases of limited information on the website
5. You are not watching your competition

Without watching your competition, you will never understand why your competitors keep beating your website in the periodic SEO. To optimize this mistake, it is relevant to analyze the competitors seasonal SEO. The following are ways to be up to date with the plans of SEO and achievements of your competition:
  • Creating alerts for your target seasonal keywords and mentions: since being up to date with significant mentions is a priority, receiving notifications on any content with relevant keywords is necessary.
  • Subscribing to competitors’ email updates: this will enable you to aces the transactions and information they share with their users.
  • Tracking competitor’s rankings for seasonal keywords: this will alert you to any optimization activities they are on.


Seasonal SEO is not an easy way of accruing traffic and sales to your website, especially when there is a crazy competition and you start out late. To defend your struggles, you need to observe your progress and put in a lot of time in the investigation and optimization.


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